Arts & Crafts Classes

Acts of Creativity hosts regular arts and crafts events at the main branch of the Jackson County Public Library and at Jackson County’s Habitat for Humanity. We also host popup events at a variety of locations–check out the events calendar to see what’s in store!

Private EventsĀ 

Acts of Creativity offers diverse activities to meet every occasion. Each private event is customized to your interests, with an array of arts and crafts projects available to choose from. Not sure what you want? Contact us today and we’ll help you choose a fantastic event project for you and your guests.

Event Costs

Pricing for private vents varies by activity, length of event, and number of attendees. All events will require a minimum of two weeks prior notice and a non-refundable deposit of $50 prior to being scheduled. If you would like AOC to reserve a party space for your event, the cost of the reservation will be added to your deposit.

Ready to book a private event? Contact us today!