Books by Zora Bernice May Cross

It might sound a bit odd to some people, but I love words. I mean really, really love words. I’ve been known to read instruction manuals, cereal boxes and even outdated sales flyers¬†left lying around when there was nothing else to keep my brain entertained. I’ve been threatened by a (now-former) spouse over the number of books ‘overtaking’ my home (the books are still here.) So imagine my joy when I stumbled across a poem entitled simple, “Books”. Of course I had to read it. I’ve had it running through my tired little brain ever since, and now I’m going to share it with you–because it’s awesome!


Zora Bernice May Cross

Oh! Bury me in books when I am dead,
Fair quarto leaves of ivory and gold,
And silk octavos, bound in brown and red,
That tales of love and chivalry unfold.
Heap me in volumes of… Continue reading