Smoke follows beauty, is attracted to the fair, but originated with Smut

I felt like I deserved a little me time and so I indulged one of my geekier sides tonight and did a little research. I know, most people would do something fun like drunk. Whatever. Go with me on this journey.

I’ve been hearing this phrase since I was a kid and it caught my attention again the other day and I just haven’t been able to shake it: Smoke is attracted to beauty. Now there are a couple other versions you may have heard like smoke follows beauty or smoke follows the…

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  • Smoke follows beauty, is attracted to the fair, but originated with Smut

    I’m a geek. I’m a geek on so very many levels. Since my last update I’ve started school, been given accommodations for my ongoing illness, been elected President of the Science Club, gotten a 100 on my first math test (no small feat for me, thank you very much) and been really, really tired. But […]Read More »
  • First Day of College

    Tomorrow is the first day of classes here. For me it is also the first step in claiming a dream I’d long believed out of my reach. Despite all the obstacles in my path, the morning will see me set off on the journey to a higher education. I cannot wait! #nevergiveup #firstdayofschool #college #40andfabulousRead More »
  • Five minutes outside!

    Today the temperature is officially at “I can be outside for five whole minutes before the dying commences!” levels. Let’s hope it holds!Read More »
  • Another Visit to the Doc

    Me in my natural habitat, where I have been waiting on my doctor for an hour. I think I’m holding up well, since I don’t match the pain chart behind me, which is pretty good considering I’m stuck sitting on the exam table (no support) because of unknown schmegma on the chair. Having to deal […]Read More »
  • Slow People Crossing.

    I never realized how apt this sign when considering my ‘new’ normal. Slow speaking, slow thinking, slow moving–that sums me up. Now if only the lady had a cane. Interwebs, Photoshop please #myspoonielife #canesftw #slowRead More »